Vintage House Project


We love vintage homes.  Many classic homes built before the 1950s are unrivaled for their durability and craftsmanship compared to most modern construction.  Housetopia's Vintage House Project is an NFT funded initiative that respects the authenticity of vintage homes and seeks to preserve them through a digital revitalization. 

This digital revitalization involves a three-tiered transformation from a physical object in the real world to a digital twin in the Housetopia Metaverse.  For most vintage homes, the architectural plans or blueprints used to construct them have been lost ­or no longer exist.  Eventually the homes themselves will also be lost to time. 

For centuries, architectural plans have been uses as the visual representation of physical structures.  Fast-forward to the modern day, architectural plans are still used in home construction but visual representation is moving more towards virtual reality and digital twin.  Housetopia will preserve the historic significance of these homes by forever embedding them in the virtual world for future generations to build and explore.  We seek to fund this initiative through the sale of Housetopia NFTs. 

The Journey from Reality to VR

Tier 1: Housetopia has created postcards of our favorite vintage homes from around the world.  These digital postcards will be sold as NFTs.  Each postcard represents a single vintage home that exists somewhere in the world.  As specific financial milestones are achieved through the sale and royalties of traded post cards, the homes they represent will advance to Tier 2 of its digital transformation. 

Tier 2: The second step in the digital transformation journey involves producing a set of digital architectural drawings (also referred to as blueprints or house plans) for the vintage home.  An Architectural Engineer will produce these drawings and the plans will be freely accessible in the marketplace.

Tier 3: The final tier of a vintage home’s digital transformation involves converting the digital architectural drawings produced in Tier 2 into a complete digital twin.  

Housetopia NFT Samples

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