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Digital Revitalization


We love vintage homes.  Many classic homes built before the 1950s are unrivaled for their durability and craftsmanship compared to most modern construction.  Housetopia is an NFT funded project that respects the authenticity of vintage homes and seeks to preserve them through a digital revitalization initiative (DRI). 

This digital revitalization involves a three-tiered transformation from a physical object in the real world to a digital twin in the Housetopia Metaverse.  For most vintage homes, the architectural plans or blueprints used to construct them have been lost ­or no longer exist.  Eventually the homes themselves will also be lost to time. 

For centuries, architectural plans have been uses as the visual representation of physical structures.  Fast-forward to the modern day, architectural plans are still used in home construction but visual representation is moving more towards virtual reality and digital twin.  Housetopia’s digital revitalization initiative will preserve the historic significance of these homes by forever embedding them in the virtual world for future generations to build and explore.  We seek to fund this initiative through the sale of Housetopia DRI NFTs.      

Housetopia DRI - The Journey from Reality to VR

Tier 1: Housetopia DRI NFTs include digital postcards of our favorite vintage homes from around the world.  These digital postcards will be sold as NFTs.  Each postcard represents a single vintage home that exists somewhere in the world.  As specific financial milestones are achieved through the sale and royalties of traded post cards, the homes they represent will advance to Tier 2 of its digital transformation. 

Tier 2: The second step in the digital transformation journey involves producing a set of digital architectural drawings (also referred to as blueprints or house plans) for the vintage home.  An Architectural Engineer will produce these drawings and the plans will be freely accessible in the marketplace.

Tier 3: The final tier of a vintage home’s digital transformation involves converting the digital architectural drawings produced in Tier 2 into a complete digital twin.  This digital twin will exist as a virtual home in the Housetopia metaverse. 


2022:  The focus for the remainder of 2022 will be to build community support for this project while we mint, market and sell the initial batch of Housetopia NFTs.  Before the end of the year, we hope to advance at least five vintage homes from Tier 1 to Tier 2 in the DRI and have the funding in place to build out the Housetopia Metaverse which is where vintage homes that advance to Tier 3 will ultimately live and be accessible/explorable. 

2023:  Building the Housetopia Metaverse.  By the end of 2023, we hope to also have dozens of homes advanced to Tier 2 and Tier 3 of the DRI.  

2024:  Monetization of the Houstopia Metaverse.  Leveraging the brand, community, and the platform, we will seek to monetize the world we have built to create even more ways for explorers of the Housetopia Metaverse to interact.  This may include the sale of design services, virtual event hosting and ecommerce partnerships.   

Housetopia DRI NFT Samples


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Note from the Founder


M.I. Roberts

My name is M.I. Roberts.  I am an architectural engineer with over 20 years of industry experience in home design.  I believe this project is a unique use case for leveraging the power of NFTs to protect history and advance the way users interact with designs at the conceptual stage of a project and ultimately bring us deeper into a more enriching virtual environment.  What is novel about this use case is that we are creating a bridge between the virtual economy and the real economy as design is transferable to creation in the real world.  The DRI is the first of several initiatives I have planned and I look forward to community support for this project.  Explore our Housetopia DRI NFT Collection at openseas.  Thank you for your support.

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