Designer of homes, buildings and spaces.  Creating immersive virtual experiences that advances the way users interact with design and conceptualize projects for the real world's built environment.



Note from the Founder

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M.I. Roberts

My name is M.I. Roberts.  I am an architectural engineer with over 20 years of industry experience in home design.  Our projects leverage design tools such as A.I., Revit and Unreal Engine to create an immersive virtual experience that advance the way users interact with design at the conceptual stage of a project and ultimately bring us deeper into a more enriching virtual environment.  We are also experimenting with using NFTs as a funding source for our various design initiatives.


Every NFT we create will have some form of utility attached to it that is tied into our design initiatives in a way that produce something of intrinsic value in the real world to the purchaser.  Through this use case, we are creating a bridge between the virtual economy and the real economy as design is transferable to creation in the real world.  Explore our Housetopia NFT Collections at openseas.  Thank you for your support.