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Go Custom

For over 20 years we have been designing custom homes, additions and house plans.  Our design approach involves an iterative process that translates your vision and ideas into a functional design that works well with your budget and your site.  We will design your project to capture the desired aesthetic and architectural style you hope to achieve.  Our success is tied to the success of your project so we will serve as your advocate and trusted consultant through the entire process.  To get started with a custom design, complete the form below to tell us about your project.

Go Custom Sketch.png

STEP 1: 

Fill out this form and tell us about your project.  Please provide as much detail as possible.

STEP 2: 

We will reach out to schedule an introduction call so that we may better understand the scope of your project.  From there, we will prepare a formal cost quote to develop your design and produce the required documentation, architectural and or structural drawings necessary for obtaining a building permit.

STEP 3: 

Upon acceptance of our proposal and payment of a deposit, we will begin working closely with you through design iterations, sharing ideas through sketches, floor plans and renderings until the desired design is achieved.

STEP 4: 

Upon approval of the finished design, we will produce the final set of construction drawings.  We will also coordinate delivery of additional design documentation that may be required such as site plans and structural engineering.  The final invoice will be issued after the completion of the construction drawings.

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